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January Gymnast Challenge: PASSIONATE

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

This month's Thriving Gymnast Challenge is all about INCREASING PASSION.


Because being passionate about something is fun. It can also be extremely important in achieving goals.

According to Angel Duckworth, the author of GRIT, passion is a key ingredient when taking on new challenges.

Sounds useful, right? It is. Especially if you're planning on taking on new challenges this gymnastics season!

Duckworth offers that a combination of passion and perseverance offers the grit required to work toward long-term goals. In other words, deeply caring about something increases our ability to persist toward our desired results.

So the question becomes, how do we become more passionate about gymnastics?

If you are a member of the Gumption Community, you know that one of the first skills I teach is CTFA categorizing. A basic explanation of this tool is to determine if something (in this case passion) is a Circumstance, Thought, Feeling, or Action.

If you are a Gumption Member you know why this is useful. If you are not in Membership, keep reading (and also consider joining . . . wink, wink).

To determine how we increase passion, let's determine if passion is a Circumstance (something happening outside of us), Thought (sentence in our brain), Feeling (emotional chemical response to our thoughts), or Action (physical action or inaction taken by our body). What do you think?

When we include the understanding that feelings fuel actions and re-read Duckworth's definition of grit, it becomes apparent that PASSIONATE is indeed a feeling.

Why is this helpful? As any gymnast is Gumption Coaching will tell you . . . feelings are created by thoughts! Sometimes by default or subconsciously, and sometimes with intention.

This is GREAT news! It means we can increase our PASSION simply by being more intentional with our thoughts!

Sounds simple, right?

Well, yes and no. Mastering our minds and choosing thoughts that serve us takes practice, patience, and oftentimes a little help. That's why I created the Thriving Gymnast Challenge.

This month I offer ten activities to shift your thoughts toward the wonders of the sport of gymnastics. I'm excited to have you join us whether it is by participating in the Thrive Gymnast Challenge, Athlete Membership, or Full Gumption Coaching Calls.

If you want a little help . . . each week I meet with a group of dedicated gymnasts committed to intentional thought work, focused on developing a growth mindset. Schedule a free consult to see if our group is right for your athlete.

Let's get passionate about gymnastics and let's get passionate about mastering our minds.

Work hard, have fun!

Coach Makenna

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