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NOTE: Membership is open for new enrollment through January 15th, 2022. 

Don't miss your chance. The next enrollment period won't be until May!



I hope your gymnast has a gymnastics coach who understands biomechanics and injury prevention. I hope she has a place to train with up-to-date equipment. I hope she has teammates and family that root for her and cheer her on. But that's not all . . .

I also hope she has a mindset coach to help when her goals seem out of reach and her passion starts to dwindle. A place to go when she feels fear or doubt. A place to turn if overwhelm and frustration reign strong. I want her to have a place to develop resilience and a positive inner voice . . .

this is that place

Gumption Mindset Coaching
Attend one or both Zoom Calls weekly.


Wednesdays 8:15 PM (MST)

Wow! I am blown away by your knowledge and talent and how well my daughter responded. I learned so much! Every gymnast (and every parent) needs this! The cool thing is these tactics can be applied to absolutely everything in life. 


membership topics include . . .

Girl Practicing Gymnastics

Growth Mindset

Killer Confidence

Overcoming Fear

Goal Achievement

Meet Performance

Focused Workouts

Setting Boundaries

Stress Management

Dealing with Injuries

Coach Communication


How it works . . .

Weekly Zoom Calls: Application to real-life gymnastics challenges.

*Held Wednesday 7:15 PM (MST)

Private Coaching: Schedule a 1:1 with Makenna for added support. 

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about makenna

Makenna has coached within the gymnastics community for over 20 years. She is married to an NCAA Gymnastics Coach and is the mother of three strong-willed daughters.


She is passionate about teaching the skill of mind management to gymnasts, parents, and coaches and promoting happy, healthy, high-achieving humans. 

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