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Hey Coaches!

Are you ready to approach your coaching career in an entirely new way?

Fitness Staff



It turns out we're not in the business of teaching flips and acrobatics (although a proper understanding of technique, spotting, and injury prevention is crucial in our line of work). 

Our real job is offering young-humans community, growth, and opportunities to develop self-awareness, confidence & resilience.


This doesn't happen by accident. 


Join us as we discover unique recipes for cultivating happy, healthy, high-achieving athletes AND become our best coaching selves. 

interest peaked?

topics include . . .

Image by Austrian National Library

Working with Fearful Athletes

Meet Day Performance Hacks

Offering Focused Workouts

Setting Boundaries

Stress Management

Dealing with Injuries

Powerful Goal Setting

Confident Coaching

Parent Communication

Teaching a Growth Mindset


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